We offer each of our clients a tailormade, personalised service with the core function of guiding you throughout the entire complex processes. It´s very important to apply for the correct visa prior your journey to avoid any complications with the relevant South African authorities. Visas provide immigration officers at the Port of Entry of South Africa with the necessary information to ensure that applicants are admitted for the correct purpose and period into the Republic of South Africa. Apostrophe Professionals is here to guide you in these processes and procedures so that you enjoy your stay in the Republic of South Africa. Howzit!

Individuals Clients

Consultation in respect of the appropriate visa and requirements

  • Consultation in respect of the appropriate visa and requirements
  • Professional guidance in respect of the necessary documentation and information
  • Tight control of time frames/deadlines according to client’s individual requirements
  • Co-ordination of translation and certification of documents by third parties
  • Facilitation of chartered accountant’s certificates
  • Registration of companies through our partners
  • Obtaining recommendations by the Departments of Trade and Industry or Labour
  • Application for evaluation of applicant’s qualifications by South African qualifications authorities (SAQA)
  • Completing application forms
  • Drafting of relevant correspondence and motivations
  • Arranging for the import of pets
  • Close monitoring of the application process and its timely completion
  • Corporate Clients

    Any South African company wishing to employ or plan to employ Europeans foreigners

  • A German / Austrian / Swiss company with a subsidiary in South Africa currently employing or planning to employ German / Europeans employees.
  • A German / Austrian / Swiss company wanting to transfer employees to South Africa.
  • Property Rental and Property Purchase

    We are an immigration service company that covers the move in totality in that we take care of your welfare until you settle in terms of accommodation.
    We facilitate the purchasing of property and rental in South Africa depending on what you need at the particular time.

    We facilitate the purchasing of property for business residential or commercial that includes holiday homes.
    We screen local amenities according to your needs using our South African partners. We provide you with an executive summary accompanied by pictures and a table showing the value of properties around the area you purchasing from.